Discover Our Story

We quickly realized our professional world as we knew it was entering a new era, where:

  • Experts (CFO, COO, Communication, Coach) are outsourced: clients leveraging on expertise at affordable annual price and when needed
  • Accounting, Operations and Corporate culture are the « foundations » however not sufficient to navigate in today’s markets
  • Continuing Changes, Automation and Streamlined Processes are daily occurrences
  • Anticipation, Flexibility and Adaptability drivers, all reaching their momentum

Small boutique consulting firms is the answer as the natural link between:

  • On-shore and off-shore platforms
  • Provide dedicated experienced professionals teaming-up along the road with their clients

Our clients are ready for a cultural journey to externalize finance, organization and communication.

This perception was quickly confirmed through discussions with CEOs, Top Executives and Board of Directors Members such as this large Hong Kong based Regional client: « I need someone like you to help me in my decisions making, a few days per month ».

Jean-Roch MARTIN,
Finance Advisory Board Ltd