Corporate Clients, SMEs


  • you’ve grown fast and need to structure your group but are not ready to hire full time top Manager (CFO, COO),
  • you need short term or long term experts to accompany your decision making,
  • you are facing unexpected turnover,

Finance Advisory Board will jump-in, to design the best solution for you.

Banks, Institutional Clients


Our experts have a long and successful prior experience in Corporate and Institutional Banking.

We cover

  • Front Office activities
    • Dealing room restructuration
    • Strategy, multi-year Plans
    • New products design, review, evaluation
    • Fixed Income, Equity, Corporate Finance activities
  • Supporting functions
    • Office of the COO projects management
    • Finance
    • Risks
    • Compliance
    • Human Resources
    • Communication
    • e-procurement
    • Offshoring projects

We provide

  • Short term interim specialized experts
  • Project Managers to cover your needs from A to Z
  • Long term finance or other consultants



You are looking for

  • Incorporating your business in Hong Kong
  • Purchasing one existing business

Getting you started

  • Company Name Search
  • Protect your Brand Name
  • Registration
  • Secretarial services
  • Bank account opening
  • Office location matching your criteria

Providing your first competitive advantage

  • Meet the right people: leverage on our extended professional network
  • Review and comment your business plan
  • Contribute to comprehensive benchmark study